You’ve taken your first step to a new career; one that is challenging and enjoyable in equal measure. At Damen we are constantly developing our business, constantly growing – and to make sure we continue to do so we need new talent, here in the Netherlands and around the world.

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What we stand for

Passion and Pride

It’s easy to spot a Damen Person. It’s not only about the skills and knowledge they have gathered over many years of experience, its more than that.

You can tell a Damen person by the passion and pride with which they go about delivering our solutions to you. In their attitude lies the true spirit of shipbuilding.

Damen people are true craftsmen.


Innovation is in Damen’s DNA. The standardised shipbuilding concept and the Sea Axe Hull are just two examples of our contribution to the development of the maritime industry.

Innovation remains a key focus, not only for the future, but right here, right now, as we strive to deliver ships that are safer, more effective and increasingly sustainable.

Smart Sustainability

Aware our products carry a potential to impact the environment, we do everything we can to minimise this and to ensure the future of a sustainable maritime world.

Our commitment to sustainability has seen us establish a dedicated Damen Green Solutions business unit and environmental sustainability is a primary focus of our R&D activities. Working together with our clients and partners we are constantly seeking to evolve the efficiency of our products and our processes.